How to Root Oppo F1 in One Click with KingoRoot

If you want to break the restrictions set by manufactures or carriers. You can root your device via KingoRoot which has both PC and APK version and both versions are one click root tool. As we all know after rooting we will obtain the highest authority of your device. And we can grant and manage the root permission. We will be able to modify the system files after rooting. We can also customize our device and make it different from the others. However, there are also some affects about rooting such as the cell phone will lose all security protection by built-in permissions restriction. If the user authorizes some unknown program with root privileges, all phone user privacy information may leak and result in a high security risks. For more information please click here: android rooting.  Please consider it twice before root your device.


In this article we will introduce you the tutorial about how to root Oppo F1 which was released in January 2016 and ships with Android 5.1 operating system. Please follow the steps provided.

Root Oppo F1 with KingoRoot APK

KingoRoot has two versions PC and APK version. Both versions are one click root tool and easy to operate. We suggest you try KingoRoot APK first because you do not have to connect your device to the computer and it is more convenient than the PC version. You can learn how to root your device via KingoRoot apk by following the steps below.

Before you start please make good preparations.

  • Please make sure your device is powered on and has at least 50% battery level.
  • Internet should be connected (Wi-Fi recommended) since it needs Internet to download the apk.
  • Enable "Unknown sources" on your Oppo F1 , you can set it in the Settings > Security

After you make good preparations you can move to the rooting process.

  1. Free download and install KingoRoot.apk on your Oppo F1 .
  2. After installation completes launch "Kingo ROOT" app and start rooting.
  3. Wait a few seconds till the result appears.
  4. Result: Succeeded or Failed.

If root fails please try a few more times since there are several scripts integrated in the root software. It will increase the success rate if we try different scripts.

After a few trails if it still fails please try it via KingoRoot (PC Version) which has a higher success rate due to technical reasons.

Root Oppo F1 with KingoRoot (PC Version)

Before move to the next step please make good preparations first.

  • Device powered on
  • At least 50% battery level
  • Make sure the Internet is connected
  • You have to connect your device to the computer so a USB cable (the original one suggested) is needed.
  • It is better to make a full backup in case something went wrong.

After all these preparations are made you can move to the rooting process.

  1. Download KingoRoot Android (PC Version) on your computer.
  2. After installation completes double click Kingo Android Root to launch it.
  3. After launching you will get a prompt asking you to connect your device to your computer via USB cable.

  4. Connect your device to computer via USB cable.
  5. There should be a device driver on your computer to recognize your device. If there is none Kingo will install one for you automatically. Just follow the instructions and install driver on your computer.

  6. Enable USB Debugging on your Android
  7. Only with the USB Debugging enabled the computer can recognize your device. If the computer can not recognize your device please check if the USB Debugging is enabled.

    Pay attention to the prompt window, select "Always allow from this computer", otherwise you will leave yourself an OFFLINE DEVICE.

  8. After connection the basic information of your device will appear
  9. KingoRoot will detect the basic information of your device and you can click root after you know clearly about rooting and what consequences rooting may cause.

  10. Wait a few minutes till the rooting process completes.
  11. Kingo Android Root has employed multiple exploits on your device so it will take a few minutes to finish the rooting process. During the rooting process do not perform any operation on it.

  12. Result: Root succeed or fail.
  13. Hope your device can be rooted successfully by Kingo. After successful rooting the device will reboot itself please do not be panic and do not operate, either.

  14. Normally, there will be an app named "SuperUser" installed on your device after rooting successfully.

After rooting you may wonder how to remove the root from your device. We also have the tutorial provided to you more details please click here: How to Remove Root from Android with KingoRoot